Hebrew Classes will not be held until further notice. 


We find it fulfilling to learn Biblical Hebrew as disciples of our Master, Yeshua.
Here are a few reasons why one might find it beneficial to learn Hebrew:

  • Hebrew is the original language of the Tanakh (Old Testament) and of the majority of the writers of all the Bible. They would have had a Hebrew mindset.
  • Our Lord, Yeshua, spoke Hebrew. He was and will be of a Hebrew mindset.
  • Hebrew was the language of the Synagogue/Church (both words meaning "assembly").
  • Hebrew is the language of Modern Israel.  It is the only ancient language that has been revised as a modern spoken language. 
    This would come in handy if one gets the opportunity to visit Israel!
  • One can better comprehend Jewish concepts and literature.
  • Enlightens one's understanding of all the Bible, because one starts to learn the Hebrew mindset.