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Eric Waters,  Pastor:

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In Loving Memory of co-founders: John Guthrie, Associate Pastor, and wife Debbie Guthrie, Hebrew & Children's teacher.

In Loving Honor of retired co-founders:  Pastor Ron and wife, Mary Hill.

Regarding the Covid19 pandemic:

 We at FCM hold true to believing all words of the Torah through the Gospels is true and right for our guidance and salvation. FCM will be adhering to the principles of 2 Timothy 1:7, For God has not given us a spirit of fear, but of power and of love and of a sound mind.” NKJV

 That being said, we are not wanting to create or foster any type of panic or fear because of the viral strain that has now reached pandemic proportions around the world, but we do want to approach this season with sober minds and sound judgment. While acknowledging the severity of the situation that we as a community face, I do want to remind everyone to be mindful that the health complications that would be faced by someone who contracts the virus, and/or shares the virus, are serious and can be fatal to many amongst us. The statistics of contractibility and the contagion level of Covid19 vary from day to day, between news agencies, governmental agencies, social media and independent reporting, so we will approach this with caution and continue to heed reports of the cases in our area.

 The intent of FCM is to realize the dangers associated with this outbreak and provide a level of comfort to our community, especially as we see the Sabbath approaching, a time in which we all desire to meet together and learn from the Torah. After long discussions and consideration FCM will institute a list of procedures and requests to post and adhere to during this time, in order to protect the community from any possible contamination. We will look to enlist volunteers to help with these procedures.

 1. DISPLAYING SYMPTOMS: FCM’s number one request is that anyone who is displaying symptoms to please pray and see your doctor so the virus can be identified or ruled out, and realize the potential hazards of contaminating others. We do not see a reason to suspend services at FCM’s facilities at this time, and to ensure that can be an extended goal, we ask anyone who is displaying symptoms, has travelled to a region where the outbreak is prevalent, or possibly come in contact with persons who could possibly be effected, to please be tested and confirm that you are clear of the virus before attending services at FCM. Please remember that we continue to broadcast our services over the internet and will still be able to reach out to anyone who feels they cannot, or should not, travel to the synagogue.

 2. HAND SANITIZER: We have hand sanitizer throughout the facility, and we ask that everyone be conscious to use the sanitizers. We will also have a sanitizing station located at the front door to be used by everyone entering the facilities.

 3. GREETER: We will ask for a volunteer to be stationed at the main entry door and open the door as people arrive.

 4. CLEANING/DISINFECTING: We will ask for a volunteer to help with 30 to 45 minute interval rotations of cleaning/disinfecting duties, which will be targeted to disinfect critical areas such as restrooms, door handles and faucets, temple doors, refrigerator doors and commonly used surfaces. All this is to ensure that we reduce the possibility of cross contamination.

 5. HYGIENE: In addition, we would ask that you observe good sense hygiene by washing your hands thoroughly for 20 seconds after restroom visits, and including that you would assist your children in following these same practices. 

 We want everyone to continue to be well and healthy during this time. We love serving everyone at FCM and those who tune in online and do not wish to have anyone become unhealthy from this onslaught. Our hearts are broken for those affected by the virus and we pray daily for quick and total healing for all who are infected by Covid19, and for the cleansing of our land.  I ask that everyone would look in to their own hearts and let the compassion for your fellow man and woman guide you to set aside time for fervent prayer for healing from this virus. Today is your day to be the one who will set aside that time in prayer and fasting, calling out to the Most High for healing for the nations.

 To God be the glory in all things.

 Love, Blessings and Shalom,

Eric and Sonia Waters

First Century Ministries