FCM Statements of Faith

The following are our core beliefs at First Century Ministries

We believe:

  1. The God of Abraham, Isaac, and Jacob is the creator of all, and He alone is the supreme ruler of the universe. He has revealed Himself through the Torah, the Prophets, and the Writings (Tanakh in Hebrew),  the gospels, and Yeshua.

  2. God has compassion on us because sin, and our sinful inclination, separate us from Him.

  3. God brought undeserved salvation to his chosen people when he delivered them from Egyptian bondage, then invited them - along with a mixed multitude of Gentiles - into a trusting covenant relationship through Torah (Torah is Hebrew for instruction). 

  4. Jesus lived with God in glory before being sent as the Messiah to demonstrate how to walk in God's ways. Jesus came to earth as the exact representation of God’s being, and after his execution and resurrection he returned to glory with his Father.

  5. Both God and Jesus (Yeshua) are worthy of trust, worship, and obedience

  6. There is no way to earn or deserve salvation - it is a free gift. The only way to be made right with God is to trust in the redeeming sacrifice of His Messiah, Jesus (Jesus in Hebrew is Yeshua). After receiving the free gift of salvation, New Covenant life under Yeshua includes our obedience to the instructions of the Torah - a heartfelt and loving response of covenant faithfulness! This Torah obedience applies whether we are Jewish or non-Jewish.

  7. Through the death and resurrection of Yeshua, Jews and Gentiles together have been made into one new people who can share a single trusting covenant relationship with God. We are now one flock, with one shepherd, one instruction (Torah), and one faith. 

  8. The two foundational commands of God are to love Him with all we are, and to love other people as we love ourselves; All other Torah instructions are built on these two.

  9. The seventh-day Sabbath and Biblical festivals were celebrated by Yeshua and his Apostles, as well as his earliest followers. They are still relevant, and are a reflection of the good things coming in God’s future kingdom.

  10. The whole Bible - both Old and New Testaments - is trustworthy, authoritative, and relevant. It is best understood and applied when approached with a Hebraic mindset.