first century ministries

Our goal is to awaken humanity to the love and mercy of the God of Israel and his Messiah.

Meet our Team!

Below are our members who take on various roles within our congregation. 

Founder | Senior Pastor
Eric Waters

Eric teaches the Word from an application standpoint; how is the Word relevant today? How do we apply its principles in our lives?

Eric Lovelace

Eric analyzes the Word from a historical standpoint; what conflicts were the authors addressing and how did they resolve them?

Kevin McElroy

Kevin teaches the Word from an exegetical standpoint; what does Hebrew & Greek say, and what did it mean to its original audience?

Hospitality/Treasurer  Leo Roszkowski 

Leo is a man on a mission: do our members have their coffee? Are their bellies fed? Are they happy? If they're happy, Leo is happy. 

Worship Leader 
Daniel Garren

Daniel has been enabled by the Holy Spirit to produce quality music from other artists as well as writing his own.

Erika Oaks

Erika lives to support the AV aspect of the congregation. She operates the livestreams and manages the slides and sound.

Event/Media Coordinator
Jessica McElroy

Jessica creates graphics for our Facebook & Youtube pages. She also coordinates and decorates for our holiday celebrations.

Children's Leader
Sharon Roszkowski 

Sharon loves the munchkins. She takes them and teaches them Biblical lessons each Sabbath while the parents get a break!

Women's Leader
Bari Allen

Bari generously dedicates her time and effort, to our women's ministry by facilitating discussions to edify and build up our ladies.